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Xcritical analytics is a proprietary and innovative solution for brokers who work with MT4 and other trading platforms. It allows brokers to monitor various data parameters, and compiles them into a single report, helping them make effective decisions that increase their profits.

  • Optimize your decision-making

    By viewing KPI’s and P&L reports, brokerages who use Xcritical make informed decisions that increase their revenues.

  • Control high-risk and big user performance

    Xcritical Analytics allows brokers to view a comprehensive report of their P&L and other trends that are influenced by high risk and big users, and to take action accordingly.

  • Fully integrated

    Xcritical analytics is fully integrated with the MT4 trading platform, and compatible with all types of mobile devices. In addition, the software can be configured to individual brokerages for optimal efficiency.

Xcritical CRM is a client management resource that allows brokers to improve their performance, service, and customer satisfaction. By incorporating innovative concepts and features into a traditional CRM software, we have created a product that simplifies the work of virtually every team member in your brokerage. 

  • Full data access

    Xcritical CRM allows managers, sales representatives, retention employees and account managers to easily view, organize, and manage client data.

  • It’s a “one- stop- shop”

    Xcritical CRM allows users to perform a variety of work- related tasks from the CRM system itself. Whether it is sending trade signals, uploading leads, or calling clients, Xcritical CRM does it all!

  • Security and compartmentalization

    Xcritical CRM software allows managers to control exposure to sensitive data by assigning permissions to various position holders, regulating security settings, etc.

The Xcritical trading platform is a solution which allows clients to trade from anywhere in the world, using a variety of devices. Like any leading software in the industry,this product combines live data streams with various trading functions, and is available in several languages. 

  • Various functionalities

    The Xcritical trading platform allows users to do virtually everything. From making deposits to receiving trade signals and opening/ closing positions, the software can handle it all.

  • Technologically advanced

    The Xcritical trading platform meets the highest standards of technological capabilities, including advanced connection and executions speeds, mobile compatibility, and more.

  • Fully integrated with CRM

    One of the main advantages of the Xcritical trading platform is its compatibility with our CRM software; and brokers who use both solutions enjoy the fastest and smoothest system currently available in the industry.

The Xcritical Crypto Exchange is secure and fast true exchange, that allow to exchange hundreds of crypto currencies. It allows to exchange on Market Price, set limit orders with various types of execution and set stop limit orders. Xcritical Crypto Exchange allows to create multi order book based on liquidity from 30+ popular exchanges. You can manage hundreds of settings including pairs, commissions, deposit and withdraw parameters. 

  • Optimize your decision-making

    You can connect to 30+ popular exchanges and gather liquidity, create multi order book and totally manage it. Great solution for beginners in Crypto Market.

  • 100% mobile support

    We offer mobile application for iOS and Android with all needed functionality. Also mobile web application available, so it can be used on almost all mobile devices.

  • Various execution types

    Your users can make exchange by market, or set limit and stop limit/market orders.

Xcritical AMS is a management resource that allows increasing leads traffic, focusing marketing model on rewarding effective affiliates. By implemented thoughtful payouts mechanisms and system tools in a modern user-friendly interface, the product provides predictability, transparency, and manageability of sales.

  • Performance-Based Marketing

    Xcritical AMS allows to use an effective marketing model, rewarding affiliates for each lead attraction and conversion by the affiliate's own marketing efforts, reducing costs before the first real results.

  • Flexible Strategies

    Xcritical AMS allows to create strategies using numerous rules depending on goals, choosing the reward for the new leads, revshares and action conditions. Affiliates get the ability to attract traffic, linking landing pages and other marketing materials.

  • Effective Analysis & Management

    Xcritical AMS provides ability to full control access on multi brand customers’ information in a few clicks. Analyzing results helps to identify profit and losses, to make decisions based on past figures.

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7 data centers
0.025 sec/execution
385 trading instruments

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