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XCritical — comprehensive service for Forex trading


A customer service system that helps brokers and their partners increase productivity. Innovative technologies significantly simplify the work of everyone in any of your teams, increase service quality, and customer loyalty!

All operations in one window All operations in one window

CRM XCritical is a simple and efficient implementation of various operating tasks within the system. You can call customers, send SMS signals, and use all the platform features without switching between windows.

Data access Data access

CRM XCritical makes it possible for managers, partners, agents, and employees of all the company departments to view, organize, and manage customer data easily. Each employee can set up individual filters and reduce the time required to find the necessary information.

Security and access levels Security and access levels

Due to CRM XCritical, managers can provide employees with a different level of access to confidential customer data according to their position and security settings.


The solution is allowing customers to trade from anywhere in the world with various devices. XCritical allows you to trade in the Forex/CFD market with over 180 instruments in real-time. 7 languages are supported.

Functionality Functionality

XCritical trading platform allows users to perform a wealth of transactions, from making deposits and receiving trade signals to opening/closing positions; the software is agile and nimble to handle it all.

Technological advantages Technological advantages

The XCritical trading platform meets the highest modern standards including maximum connection speed and compatibility with all mobile devices. The platform is fully integrated with CRM.

CRM Integration CRM Integration

The XCritical platform is compatible with XCritical CRM. When using both solutions at the same time, brokers get the fastest, most effective and most streamlined business system currently available in the financial sector.


The XCritical Crypto Exchange is secure and fast platform which allows you to transfer numerous Crypto currencies. With XCritical you can exchange funds at market price, set limit orders, deposit and withdrew. Additionally you can generate multiple book orders from 30+exchanges.

Optimize Your Decision-Making Optimize Your Decision-Making

XCritical trading platform allows users to perform a wealth of transactions, from making deposits and receiving trade signals to opening/closing positions; the software is agile and nimble to handle it all.

100% Mobile Support 100% Mobile Support

In addition to our iOS/Android Mobile applications our Mobile Web application provides access from all devices.

Various Execution Types Various Execution Types

Your users can make exchanges directly through the market, or set market, limit, and stop orders.


XCritical Affiliates Management System is a resource that promotes an increase of leads traffic, by utilizing a marketing model that rewards effective affiliates. Through the implementation of thoughtful payout mechanisms and system tools, and a modern user-friendly interface, the product provides predictability, transparency, and manageability of sales.

Performance-Based Marketing Performance-Based Marketing

XCritical AMS utilizes an effective marketing model that rewards affiliates for each lead attraction and conversion through the affiliate’s own marketing efforts, reducing costs be for the first real results.

Flexible Strategies Flexible Strategies

XCritical AMS generates strategies in accordance with specific goals, choosing the reward for the new leads, revshares and action conditions. Affiliates have the ability to attract traffic linking landing pages and other marketing materials.

Effective Analysis & Management Effective Analysis & Management

XCritical AMS enables full control and access on multi brand customers information with a few clicks. It analyzes results to help identify profit and losses, and make decisions based on past figures.

xcritical crypto wallet

An infrastructure solution that provides the full life cycle of the cryptocurrency flow, from the receipt and identification of payments to withdrawal from the system. It allows you to quickly and safely operate cryptocurrencies and fully control your funds. Now, a client with cryptocurrency will be able to become your client.

Safety comes first Safety comes first

The deployed expert system analyses the activities in the system and identifies suspicious ones. In some cases, additional confirmation is requested from a trusted administrator. In other cases, transaction execution is interrupted, and the administrator is notified of a threat.

Payment system integration Payment system integration

It provides integration at the level of a third-party payment system. In this case, you do not even have to worry about the user UI. The system is designed so that integration takes as little time as possible and is as easy as possible.

Integration with CRM Integration with CRM

The sound integration of the API system with CRM systems will be of interest to CRM owners and developers. This allows you to control all aspects of customer support.


This is an innovative solution for brokers and their partners working with the MetaTrader 4 platform. You can track data from several platforms at once and collect them into a single report. This will help you make the right decisions and increase company revenues.

Decision-making optimization Decision-making optimization

With Analytics XCritical, you can monitor achieving KPIs for all departments and report on company profits. An indicator analysis always makes informed decisions that exponentially increase productivity.

Control High-Risk and High-Value Users Risk control

XCritical analytics allows brokers to generate profit and loss reports, as well as timely, analyze related data on the results of advertising campaigns, the performances of the sales department, and each of the managers.

Fully Integrated and Customizable Integration

XCritical analytics can integrate with any trading platform and transfer data directly to a mobile device. Many individual settings significantly increase system efficiency and your business profits.

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