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  • About Xcritical

Xcritical is a software development company which focuses on solutions for Forex industry businesses, and has offers a variety of products for both small and large e-trading service providers. Our origins can be traced back to award winning companies in the financial and software industries, and we are proud to have created solutions that help streamline a Forex broker’s work by cutting expenditures, improving data collection and management, and monitoring revenue streams. Every member of our development team can boast an advanced academic degree, as well as several years of experience in the finance technology world; and it is the background of our staff that allows us to stay innovative, creative, and competitive.

  • The story of Xcritical

Xcritical was founded by veterans of the FinTech industry who were looking to improve broker performance. The vision was to create software that would be able to take over various back-end components of a broker’s operation, and efficiently integrate them in a way that would benefit the sales team and allow them to maximize both their conversion and retention figures. To realize this vision we partnered with Deltix; an award winning company who has worked with over 120 banks, brokers, hedge funds, and more; and created a company that is solely dedicated to developing, improving, and implementing this system.

Deltix has recently won leading Financial Industry Awards, including:

We have a revolutionary product, and we believe that it will become the future gold standard of the industry. What makes Xcritical unique is that we are a company by brokers for brokers: we came from the industry, we know what brokers need in order to grow, and it is with this knowledge in mind that we approach the development of our different products. Furthermore, since we are a part of the Forex industry, we are aware of evolving trends, and can often predict needs that will arise and preemptively provide solutions.