XСritical Affiliates Management System


Marketing materials

XCritical AMS allows affiliates to place a number of marketing material types for attraction new leads. During the advertising campaigns the banners, redirect links and landing pages may be used to make visitors to register in your business brand. Moreover, you can use API links for register leads from sub-affiliates.


Affiliate Deals

XCritical AMS gives the way to build your reward strategy by offering various combinations of deals for referred clients’ actions: registration, account activation, re-deposit and trading activity. Moreover, the Deal settings per affiliates are accessible to BackOffice users depended on appropriate roles and rights.


Multiple Levels of Affiliates

The AMS supports two levels of affiliate referral that will stipulate the whole lead flow even more. Affiliates can bring sub-affiliates and get a commission as a predefined percent of the other affiliate monthly reward.


Affiliate Statistics and PostBacks

XCritical AMS sends PostBacks to Affiliates – the notifications from tracking system, which describe actions of leads registered within the Affiliate’s campaign. Affiliates can view the statistics of lead registrations per campaigns and creatives, taking into account profit and losses results. The statisctic is filterable by date, campaign and placement for convenient calculation.



XCritical Affiliates Management System supports more than one affiliate program brand and can be connected to multiple CRM instances. The data relevant for AMS is reported from the CRM and stored in the system with a link to the campaigns.


Fee Structure

Every month the system generates Affiliates Payouts report in accordance with accrued rewards, which is checked by the Affiliate manager for calculation of payouts and transferring to Affiliate Wallet.


Affiliate Access to Client Data

Affiliate has access to his account with information about leads who registered within the affiliate campaigns. The BackOffice system provides the ability to customize the list of data available to affiliates.

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