Analytics xcritical

XCritical Analytics: Effective information management

Consolidate Information Data collection

XCritical Analytics compiles your clients’ data from various sources and outputs it as a unified report for easy at a glance analyses.

Monitor Your Performance Performance management

The brokers who opted for XCritical Analytics got a working tool that measures sales, marketing, and retention KPIs and displays interim outputs.

Protect Your Brokerage XCritical Analytics protection and security

XCritical Analytics allows you to evaluate the flow of toxicity and transaction exposure thereby minimizing unnecessary losses.

Protect Your Brokerage Informed decisions

XCritical Analytics users can screen and analyze reports on each manager, specific teams or brokers and make effective decisions based on accurate figures.

Control High-Risk and High-Value Users Risk control

XCritical Analytics features provide control of large-volume customers whose trading strategies might harm the broker.

Fully Integrated and Customizable Integration with other platforms

XCritical Analytics is fully integrated with MT4 and other trading platforms. The system can be fully customized for each broker depending on the broker’s or organization’s requirements.