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Xcritical CRM: Let the numbers do the work

  • CRM

    Ultimate fund control

    Xcritical CRM is integrated with various CC and other payment processing systems, and allows brokers to see detailed fund slow reports. 

  • CRM

    Full user data

    Xcritical CRM allows brokers to see a comprehensive data report; which includes personal, trading, marketing, and other information; and allows setting different filters for viewing. 

  • CRM

    Full integration

    Xcritical CRM is fully integrated with various trading platforms, including our proprietary Xcritical trading platform and the ubiquitous MT4. 

  • CRM

    Perform functions from the platform

    Xcritical CRM allows users to call traders, send SMS signals to individuals or groups, open and close positions, upload leads, and perform other functions from the platform. 

  • CRM

    Assign permissions

    Brokers who use Xcritical CRM can configure the system and and assign information to certain managers, IBs, sales/ retention staff, and others.  

  • CRM

    Safe and secure

    One of the main advantages of Xcritical CRM is its flexibility in assigning security settings, which can be individually applied to different business units. 

XCritical CRM increases conversion and retention by an average of 65%.

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