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Forex CRM XCritical: customer service automation

Deposit Processing Control Deposit Processing Control

XCritical CRM can integrate with various payment processing systems. This makes it possible to see detailed payment reports including failed transaction attempts.

Customer data management Customer data management

XCritical CRM creates detailed reports that include personal, trading, marketing, and other necessary customer information. Each employee can independently set the search parameters for the necessary data with a variety of filters.

Integration Integration

XCritical CRM is integrated with various trading platforms including MT4 and the XCritical platform.

Platform features Platform features

XCritical CRM allows you to call customers and send SMS signals to individuals or groups of customers. CRM can also be used as a platform. You can open and close transactions without switching from one tab to another.

Different access levels Different access levels

Brokers using the XCritical CRM system can assign different access rights to partners and internal departments of the company. If necessary, managers can restrict employees to access personal data of customers (phone numbers, surnames, and e-mails).

Safety and reliability Safety and reliability

One of the key advantages of the XCritical CRM system is its flexibility in setting security parameters, which can be changed individually for various company departments.

XCritical CRM increases deposit conversion by an average of 65%.