Cryptocurrency wallet XCritical: crypto payment infrastructure for two days

Continuous expansion

Crypto Wallet XCritical is constantly evolving. We add new currency support while maintaining fault withstandability.

System integration

Crypto Wallet XCritical, when integrated, provides full control of user addresses, as well as fully assumes the work with Blockchain of all supported currencies.


Crypto Wallet XCritical uses modern encryption algorithms to ensure the safety of your funds, and an expert system analyses the activities that occur in the system.

Easy to use

Crypto Wallet XCritical is maximally automated and requires minimal operator intervention.

Payment system

Crypto Wallet XCritical can be connected as a full-fledged payment system. Virtually, it does not bear the deployment cost including the user UI.

Full storage control

Crypto Wallet XCritical allows you to receive funds directly to your store, access to which can be controlled only by you.