XCritical Trading Platform: the best trading experience for your customers

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The CRM system full integration

Our XCritical trading platform is fully integrated with the XCritical CRM system. Using both products gives you the ultimate advantage over your competition by providing you with complete and timely access to your customers’ data. The ability to respond in real-time to stated needs/interests of your clients is unprecedented.

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Built-in features

The XCritical trading platform contains more features than any other software in the field. XCritical includes built-in charts, deposit options, and other features including the one-click trading feature.

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Mobile compatibility

The XCritical trading platform is compatible with any mobile device and operating system.

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Advanced technical parameters

The XCritical trading platform has one of the highest order execution rates while maintaining top of the line security of operations. In addition, with XCritical, you can receive trading signals or analyze relevant data sets and reports without leaving the platform. The built-in Autochartist advisor provides your customers with access to effective technical analysis methods which ultimately enhances the quality of trades and helps to minimize risky behaviors.

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Innovative design

The XCritical trading platform is a product that’s truly ahead of its time. From innovative design and advanced functionality to the multilingual support, it offers solutions of the future now.

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Trade globally – compatible with any OS, device or language.

The XCritical trading platform is software enables customers to trade using any device. All platform features are work equally well from any iPhone or Android phone or from the mobile-responsive web application.

One of the best trading platforms in the market

The XCritical trading platform is an advanced product built for the global market. It includes many performance advantages over other existing systems.

Increase your profit by combining our deliverables! Take advantage of the full suite of integrated services and tools and grow your business.

The system enables your company’s customers to perform all necessary actions directly from the platform. Traders successfully trade while your sales team receives and analyzes relevant data to help them increase sales!

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