trading platform

Trading Platform Xcritical: the best trading experience for your customers

Full integration with the CRM system

Our XCritical trading platform is fully integrated with the XCritical CRM system. If you use both of these products, you have a huge advantage over competitors. After all, you can control customer data to the fullest extent!

Built-in features

The XCritical trading platform contains more features than any other software in the field. XCritical includes built-in charts, deposit options and other features including the one-click trading feature.

Mobile compatibility

The XCritical trading platform is compatible with all mobile devices and provides a trader with access to the market from any convenient place.

Advanced technical features

The XCritical trading platform has a high order execution rate and makes it possible to receive trading signals without leaving the platform. The built-in Autochartist advisor will make it possible for your customers to use effective technical analysis methods and enhance the quality of trading.

Innovative design

The XCritical trading platform is a time-ahead product. From innovative design and advanced functionality to the variety of languages available.

Trade from anywhere in the world

The XCritical trading platform is software making it possible for customers to trade from any device.

One of the best trading platforms in the market

The XCritical trading platform is an advanced product in the global market. It includes many performance advantages over other existing systems.

Increase your profit by combining our developments!

The system makes it possible for your company’s customers to perform all necessary actions directly from the platform. Traders successfully trade, and in the meantime, your sales team receives some data to increase sales!