Ukraine’s GDP will decrease by a fifth this year

According to the Bloomberg news agency, the forecast of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development estimates that Ukraine’s GDP will fall by a fifth of its last year’s volume. The losses of the Ukrainian economy due to the war unleashed by Russia, according to experts, exceed 35%. Production at the end of March was suspended by about 30% of enterprises. At the same time, experts from the financial organization expect the Ukrainian economy to recover next year if the hostilities in the country cease in about 2 months. If the war continues, and the country experiences even more destruction, as well as in the event of restrictions on gas exports from the Russian Federation, the fall of the Ukrainian economy in 2022 could be even more significant. The cessation of the war in a few months will allow a rapid economic recovery to begin next year. Under such a scenario, Ukraine’s GDP in 2023 could increase by 23%. Currently, under heavy military fighting are regions that produce 60% of the country’s GDP.


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