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    xCritical SmartBot is a one-of-a-kind interactive online assistant for investors, fully integrated with the xCritical platform. Bot's AI algorithms factor in trader's previous requests and xCritical CRM data. The algorithms then present the most relevant information based on key indicators, ratings, and market forecasts. Trader gains access to round-the-clock assistance in a simple, handy, and convenient package that does not involve a consultation with a human expert. There are hundreds of dialogue scenarios developed by experts.

    Delivers the latest updates on market trends

    SmartBot delivers data about the latest quotes for all available assets. It can give relevant trading advice, or analyze a trend and supplement that analysis with relevant news and scheduled economic events.


    Reduces load on customer support and consultants

    KYC data entry, support for document uploads, answers for frequently asked questions, and other much-needed features an investor might need—all this is just a fraction of what AI technology is capable of while serving thousands of clients 24/7.


    Increases conversion level

    xCritical SmartBot helps the potential clients to choose services that are right for them to make their first deposit or deposit additional funds to their account. Statistics show that 10% of our clients have reached the depositing stage with the bot without ever talking to a human manager. The more traders talk to SmartBot, the more Sales and Retention resources you save!


    Provides free and unlimited expertise

    Beginner traders can improve their skills by talking to the bot. SmartBot supplies them with information about finer aspects of trading, teaching them to read charts and open their first successful trade.


    Promotes broker events and services

    xCritical SmartBot collects and spreads the data about important events within the company. This means that the webinar invitation won't get lost in the inbox and won't end up in the spam folder. The bot will be sure to remind the trader about an informative webinar or training at the right moment.


    Broker's assistant

    SmartBot will alleviate the pain of bureaucracy and delays that usually comes with data transfer. Relevant data requested by the client is received by their personal agent directly. SmartBot works with vast troves of data from the entire xCritical system, not just with bot user data.


    xCritical SmartBot works on all devices

    iPhone Integrated AI technology supports simultaneous conversation with thousands of clients 24/7
    KYC/AML process support, processing client inquiries about the procedure and document upload
    Delivering the relevant information about the current state of the market
    Searching and curating news and economic events in accordance with trader's interests
    Info support for the first opened trade deal and answers for frequently asked questions
    Notifications for upcoming webinars and broker's company events
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