AEB expects no quick recovery of the Russian car market

Statistics provided by AEB testify to a drop in sales of new passenger cars, as well as commercial vehicles in the Russian car market. Final month, it decreased by 3.7% compared to sales for the identical month of the previous year. During the month, 91,662 cars were sold. The strongest decline in sales was recorded in the light commercial vehicles market. They fell in January by more than 15%. Thomas Stärzel, head of AEB, noted that the January decline in sales is primarily due to the New Year holidays. This month, traditionally, there is a weakening of current business activity. He said that a quick rehabilitation of the Russian market should not be expected. New cars are rising in price amid a components’ shortage. The Russian auto industry has faced the same problems as automakers in other countries. In this regard, there is an increase in demand for used cars in Russia. The volume of the market grew by almost 8% over the year.


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