Airbus intends to ramp up production

Airbus, the major aircraft manufacturer in Europe, said its existing production capacity was unable to meet the demand for narrow-body airliners in less than two years. The company accepts orders for aircraft of the A320 family for 2024-2025. This is due to the very high demand for them at the global level, which is due to the desire of air carriers to have more energy-efficient liners in their fleets. The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the necessity for modern technologies reduce fuel costs. Airbus estimates that the share of new airliners in the entire number of commercial aircraft in the world is only 13%. Since January, the number of orders for the airliners A3201neo and A320neo has already reached 540 units. Despite the fact that Boeing received 692 orders for 737 MAX narrow-body airliners in 11 months, the European aircraft manufacturer remains the leader in terms of deliveries, which in 2021 amounted to 518 units against Boeing’s 302 units. The European company plans to increase the monthly production of the A320 group aircraft to 65 units by 2023 and increase it to 75 monthly units by 2025.


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