Airlines from Turkey and Kazakhstan have suspended flights to Russia

The demands of the lessors forced the largest Kazakhstani air carrier Air Astana to completely stop flights to the Russian Federation. The low-cost airline said in a statement that it regrets this forced measure due to the denial of flight insurance coverage. Due to the need to comply with the requirements of lessors and insurance companies, the Turkish low-cost carrier Pegasus Airlines also announced the suspension of flights to the Russian Federation. His message indicates that flights will not be operated until March 27 of this year. In this regard, the company undertook to make a free replacement of air tickets and a full refund for passengers who purchased tickets in advance. Both airlines agreed to cancel and even completely stop their flights, since the European Union, at the end of February, after the outbreak of the Russian war against Ukraine, imposed sanctions that imposed a ban on the supply, leasing, maintenance and insurance of aircraft flying to the Russian Federation.


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