Alibaba aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030

Chinese giant Alibaba has developed a program to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to zero. According to the head of the company, Daniel Zhang, it will be accomplished before the end of this decade. Supply chain emissions will be reduced by 50% by 2030. Daniel Zhang spoke about the steps Alibaba intends to take to achieve its purpose. Its data centers will run on renewable energy sources. The logistics department will only use electric vehicles. In addition, the corporation plans to promote the buyers and sellers transition to clean energy. To do this, Alibaba plans to use various incentive methods, as well as rewards. Daniel Zhang said Alibaba leverages the company’s impact on the trading platform operator. This will allow, over time, to change the attitude towards environmental assets both on the part of sellers and on the part of buyers. Alibaba is working with partners around the globe to promote them to achieve carbon neutrality. The company will create a special department dealing with environmental assets.


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