Alibaba aims to change the e-commerce business

Alibaba Holding reorganizes its e-commerce business department. Numerous structures working in this area will be united. In addition, the Chinese giant intends to form a new group of specialists who will work in different countries all over the world. Alibaba decided to make changes in some areas of its business due to stronger internal policies and slower growth. Plus, Alibaba’s stock began to lose in value. The past year was difficult for the company. China’s governor indictment Alibaba of exploiting its principal position in the Chinese market. The investigation revealed violations related to the country’s antitrust systems. The concern was fined $ 2.8 billion. For the previous month, Alibaba downgraded its prognosis for key figures for the current fiscal year. The Internet Corporation’s securities fell 5.6% during trading on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.


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