Alrosa sales fell by 45% in Q4

The quarterly report of the Russian diamond producer Alros pointed to a significant decline in sales. In the last 3 months of 2021, rough diamond sales totaled 9.4 million carats, down 45% from the previous year. The press release notes that this decline is due to the high comparison base with the same period a year earlier and the reduction in inventories. At the same time, following the results of the past year, sales volume reached 45.5 million carats of diamonds, having jumped by 42% in twelve months. According to the quarterly report, 9.1 million carats have been mined in the past three months. Compared to the previous three months, this indicator increased by 4%, and against October-December 2020, it increased by 29%. Alrosa increased reserves by 0.2 million carats over the quarter. At the end of the year, this figure reached 8.8 million carats, which is 57% lower than the volume recorded at the end of 2020. According to the estimates of the Russian diamond producer, global demand for rough diamonds still exceeds supply.


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