Apple has suspended the work of its stores in New York

The suspension of stores in New York for a period of time was announced by the American technology corporation Apple, which is associated with concerns about the high infectivity of the new COVID-19 strain “omicron”. Bloomberg writes about this, citing a statement from Apple. Against the background of a significant increase in the number of people infected with the coronavirus, the company’s large outlets, which are the most visited in New York, temporarily stopped serving customers. In total, 16 stores in the city stopped working for some time. In the shops that have suspended their activities, however, all the time there will be departments for the issuance of goods to consumers, orders for the purchase of which were placed by them in advance on the Internet. However, now Americans will not be able to enter these stores, directly select the goods they are interested in, and make purchases there. In addition to stores in New York, Apple has also closed a number of outlets outside of New York.


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