AstraZeneca increased its annual dividend

AstraZeneca, a UK-registered pharmaceutical company, recorded a profit in the 4Q of last year that exceeded market projection. It allowed increasing the dividend payment amount for 2021, which is the first time in the last 10 years. Its basic earnings per share were $1.67, while economists had expected a figure of $1.5. From October to December, the drugmaker’s revenue obtained $12.01 billion, up 63% in the twelve months. However, AstraZeneca estimates that by the end of last year, sales of coronavirus vaccines, as well as an antibody cocktail used to treat those infected with COVID-19, will decline. This figure may drop by 20-25%. According to its report for the past 2021, total sales were $37.42 billion. It grew by 38% in twelve months. This year, revenue is expected to grow by 17-19% and increase core profit by 25-29%.


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