Berkshire shares up 1.3%

For the first time in history, Class A shares of the corporation Berkshire Hathaway, controlled by billionaire Warren Buffett, topped $500,000 at Wednesday’s close, trading at $504,400. Over the day, they have risen in price by 1.3%, and since the beginning of this year, their cost has increased by 11%. A positive factor for the growth of their value was a significant share of shares of energy companies and companies providing utilities in the corporation’s portfolio. An active buyback of the company’s shares played a significant role in this. The growth of its shares has been noted for four days in a row. Against this background, the market value of Berkshire rose above $ 730 billion, which put Buffett’s company one notch above Meta Platforms. Berkshire is one of the ten most valuable public companies in the US and is the only non-tech company on the list. Class B shares, which are more accessible to not very large investors, ended at $336.11 per share. Since the beginning of 2022, their value has increased by 12%.


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