Bitcoin miners earned over $15 billion in 2021

A report on prognosis for the next year’s digital assets, prepared by research corporation The Block Research, showed that Bitcoin miners recorded income in an overload of $15 billion by the end of this year. In twelve months, their revenue jumped by 206%. In their report, analysts explicate that many miners, by selling their accumulated digital assets, cover the expense of electricity, while there are mining companies that keep a part of the mined bitcoins. The major income from this sort of occupation was recorded in March this year. The earnings of such business beat a record, reaching an amount of about $1.75 billion. It is also reported that in the pointed-out month, transaction fees were noted in the amount of $167 million. In October, miners garnered an average of more than $40 million a day. It is reported that after the halving, the revenues of the mining companies increased by 275%. Cryptocurrencies have seen skyrocketing increase this year, which explains the record increment in Bitcoin mining revenue.


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