Bitcoin continued to fall, depreciating by 7.2% per day

The bitcoin price has been falling for the past two days in a row. As the CoinGecko review demonstrates, the asset has lost 7.2% of its value, dropping below the $41,000 mark. Bitcoin is trading at $40,760 per coin. The dominance index of the cryptocurrency is 39.7%. The fall in the value of bitcoin resulted in a decline in the price of other digital assets besides stablecoins. The Terra cryptocurrency suffered the most substantial losses on Friday, depreciating by 9.1%. At the beginning of this week, increased demand from investors for blue chips and low-liquid crypto assets increased the capitalization of the crypto market to more than $2 trillion on February 15. However, already on Friday, it decreased to $1.9 trillion. Among the major reasons for the decline, experts cite a high level of geopolitical risks and expectations of a sharp tightening of the US Federal Reserve’s monetary policy.


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