Boeing and Airbus demand to postpone the launch of 5G networks

The heads of the world’s largest airlines Boeing and Airbus sent a letter to the US administration. They said the use of 5G networks could have significant implications for aviation. The frequency that is used in aircraft instruments actually coincides with the frequency of 5G. The heads of the corporations believe that the launch of the new network in the United States, scheduled for January 5, should be postponed. Interference from 5G networks can reduce flight safety. The FAA has also previously reported this issue. Management experts said that 5G networks could cause problems both during takeoff and landing of liners since the instruments’ readings will be incorrect. An American Airlines study of the issue found that if the next-generation network had been launched two years ago, more than 350,000 flights would have to be canceled. AT&T and Verizon, which are launching the networks, have previously suspended operations to review their impact on air travel.


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