The Central Bank of Brazil raised the base interest rate to 10.75%

In Brazil, the regular session of the Central Bank has ended. As a result, it was determined to increase the key rate by 1.5 percentage points. up to 10.75%. The data of the survey conducted among analysts show that the respondents expected such a decree of the national regulator. The country’s central bank began to tighten its policy in March last year. Over the past period, it raised the base rate eight times. The statement of the Brazilian Central Bank says that at the next meeting a decision to raise the rate may also be made. But it will not be as significant as before. The Bank intends to take measures to counter the rise in inflation. According to the regulator’s forecast, the current year will end with inflation at 5.4%. The target value of this indicator is 5%. A few days ago, the National Bank announced a reduction in the state budget deficit in 2021 to 35


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