Brent crude oil depreciates after its price growing the day earlier

Due to the celebration of Christmas, trading in the WTI crude oil on Friday is locked. At the same time, Brent oil is getting lower-priced. By 08:34 hours Moscow time, the price of its barrel fell by 37 cents, or 0.48%, to $76.48 cents. On the eve of this, oil brands rose in price by $1 56 cents or 2.1% to $76.85 per barrel. The cost of WTI oil rose on Thursday by 1 dollar 3 cents or 1.4% to 73.79 cents per barrel. In current days, there has been an expected increase in the markets. Information from health professionals indicates the omicron is not as terrifying as previously thought. In most cases, getting this coronavirus strain does not require hospitalization. In addition, it became known about the approval of medicines intended for the treatment of patients with coronavirus. Oil market specialists note the consolidation of the circumstances. Oil prices are likely to rise next year as there are catalysts for that.


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