Large companies top managers expect the economic situation to improve

PwC conducted a review. It was attended by 4.5 thousand top managers of major global companies from almost 90 countries. Most of them are optimistic about the possibility for the global economy in the current year. Only 15% of respondents’ prognosis worsens economic conditions. The PwC research notes that in spite of the positive expectations’ prevalence, the atmosphere among the heads of companies differs greatly depending on the region. The largest increase in optimism compared to the results of the previous research was recorded among the heads of the companies of the three countries. In India, the percentage of respondents who are positive about the global economy rose by 6 percentage points to 94%. In the UK and Japan, the rate rose by 6 and 5 percentage points to 83% and 82%, respectively. In Italy and France, there is also an improvement in sentiment. But in the United States the situation is different. Only 70% of respondents expect the global economy to recover this year, down 18 percent from a survey from a year earlier.


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