Chevron approved a capital spending plan 2022

The American oil corporation Chevron announced an approved plan for capital investments, as well as funding for activities related to the area exploration. $15 billion will be allocated for these purposes for the next year. Earlier, the company set a full range of $15 billion to $17 billion in capital expenditures and exploration. The approved plan corresponds to the lower limit of the whole range. Nevertheless, it exceeds the expected figure for the current year by about 20%. The main funds amount, approved for 2022, will be used to finance work related to exploration and raw materials. The operation for the oil activities is expected to use funds over $2.3 billion. The plan adopted by Chevron, in accordance to the program, aims to increase its revenues and reduce harmful emissions. The oil corporation also said about changes of the entire range of share repurchase programs. Now it is 3-5 billion dollars.


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