Chinese car exports doubled in 11 months

In the eleven months to November of this year, China has dual its car exports over the identical term previous year, according to a report by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. At the end of this period, the Chinese auto industry had shipped 1.79 million vehicles overseas. It is also informed about the annual growth of foreign car deliveries in November at the grade of 59.1%. Over the previous month, deliveries of Chinese automakers to other countries amounted to 200 thousand cars. This amount includes 170 thousand passengers and 30 thousand commercial vehicles. The first index for twelve months increased by 71.2%, the second – by 13%. The association’s report notes that Chinese-made machines powered by new energy sources were in high demand overseas the previous month. Over the year, foreign deliveries of such vehicles jumped by 190%, reaching 37 thousand units. In the domestic market of the country, the trading of vehicles using new energy sources increased by 121%, amounting to 450 thousand. Following the results of 11 months, this figure increased by 167% – up to 2.99 million cars.


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