PRC increased oil and gas production

Chinese official statistics indicated an increase in oil and gas production for the eleven months of 2021. Oil production compared to the same term of the previous year increased by 2.5%, amounting to 182.48 million tons. In the past month alone, oil companies in the PRC produced 16.31 million tons of oil, which is 2.7% more than in the same term the previous year. Compared to the same indicator in 2019, production increased by 3.9%. China bought 41.79 million tons of oil abroad in November. This is 7.9% less than a year previously. The decline in foreign oil supplies to China in January-November amounted to 7.3%. For eleven months of the year, China produced 186 billion cubic meters of gas, which is 8.9% more than the same figure in 2020. Compared to 2019, this figure increased by 19%. In November, the country produced 17.7 billion cubic meters of natural gas. For twelve months, its production increased by 4.4%. In January-November, China purchased 109.76 million tons of gas from other countries. Over the year, the indicator jumped by 21.8%.


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