Smartphone sales in China up 1.1% in 2021

According to research company International Data Corporation, China recorded a 1.1% increase in smartphone sales in 2021. According to initial estimates, their deliveries reached 329.3 million units. The leading contribution to the growth of the annual index was made by powerful sales in the first three months of last year, demonstrating an annual increase of 30%. In the following months, this branch experienced a decline. According to the results of the IV quarter, it was fixed at the level of 3.5%. During all these months, 83.4 million smartphones were handed over all over the country. The American manufacturer Apple was able to sell smartphones in the 4Q due to the high popularity of the iPhone 13 model in the Chinese market. It sold 17.2 million smartphones, surpassing the same indicator of the previous year by 3%. Its share in the entire supply in the Chinese market rose to 20.6% from 19.3%. Chinese Honor models were sold in the quantity of 14.2 million units, which is 253% higher than in the prior year. High requirements for them led to the transition of the Chinese manufacturer Huawei to 2nd place.


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