China Central Bank provides 200 billion RMB liquidity to Banks

Chinese Central Bank has poured fluidity into the country’s banking system once again. On Tuesday, it totaled 200 billion yuan, or more than $31 billion. This is the maximum amount of fluidity investment in the previous two months. The indicator’s increase was proper to the increased demand for funds, which, as a rule, is observed in China at the end of the year. The price of 7-day REPO transactions was kept at the level of 2.2%. Earlier this week, China’s Central Bank spoke about its 2022 policy. The Chinese Central Bank plans to maintain to assistance the economy since it is not yet clear how much the recent coronavirus strain omicron spread affects it. Particular consideration is paid to the country’s small business, which is experiencing significant concerns. The People’s Bank of China intends to expand the opportunities for such business in the field of lending. In addition, the Central Bank will support those enterprises taking measures to reduce damaging emissions.


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