Commodity prices are rising

The geopolitical crisis and the resulting logistical problems are pushing up commodity prices. A wheat bushel at auction in Chicago jumped 6.2% to $8.95. The cost of a corn bushel rose 3.5% to $6,825. Palladium on the stock exchange in London soared in price by 8.7%. More than 40% of the total supply of metal falls on Russia. Investors fear a decline in palladium supply. Aluminum has also risen in price. Its price jumped by 4%. However, prices for silver and platinum show little change. Gold is in high demand among investors amid uncertainty due to the complex geopolitical environment. Its price exceeded $1,900. Experts are confident that this precious metal will continue to rise shortly. Analysts at Goldman Sachs believe that the difficult situations in the commodity markets will depend on negotiations between the Russian Federation and Ukraine. If no agreement is reached, commodity prices will continue to rise rapidly.


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