Consumer sentiment in Ukraine improved in December

According to the calculations of the analytical agency Info Sapiens, in December last year, the consumer sentiment index in Ukraine rose to 67.2 points from 66 points in the previous month. The main contribution to its growth was made by indicators characterizing the existing financial situation and expectations regarding its prospects, as well as an indicator that determines the desire of Ukrainians to make large acquisitions. The indicator characterizing the consumers’ attitude to the current financial situation increased to 67.2 points from 66.1 points in November. The consumer expectations indicator for the Ukrainian economy increased from 68.3 to 68.4 points. The last month’s decline in 2021 was shown by the estimated unemployment indicator. It dropped to 133.3 points from 137.7 points recorded in November. At the same time, the indicator of inflationary expectations increased from 189.6 to 191.4 points. The indicator of the expected future rate of the national currency rose to 146.2 from 135.6 points.


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