Danone Reports Lower Profits in 2021

French dairy producer Danone reported a 2021 net income of 1.9 bln. euros, down 1.6% from the previous year. Per share, earnings decreased by 5 euro cents to 2 euro 94 cents. The company’s annual operating profit fell to 2.3 bln. euros or 19.3%. The total value of Danone products sold by the company in the last year increased to 24.3 billion euros or 2.8%. The like-for-like sales growth rate was 3.4%. Sales in European and North American countries increased in the reporting year to 13.8 bln.euros, or 2.9% compared to the figure for 2020. The company’s sales in the rest of the world increased by more than 4% to 10.5 billion euros. In October-December, Danone sales jumped by almost 11% to 6.2 billion euros. Danone has over 100 years of history. Its enterprises operate in 140 countries. The company has been operating in Russia for 30 years.


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