Retail sales Decrease in the Eurozone recorded in December

As demonstrable by the report of the European department Eurostat, in December there was a high decline in the retail trade in the euro area. Its size decreased by 3% compared to the previous month. The rate exceeded the economist’s expected monthly decline of 0.5%. Compared to the final month of 2020, a 2% increase in retail sales was recorded, while the experts’ forecast assumed a more significant annual increase of 5.1%. In December, a decrease of 1.1% per year was shown by food products and tobacco. The non-food sector noted an increase in trading at the grade of 3.1%. EU retail sales in December fell 2.8% MoM and rose 2.6% YoY, according to EU statistics. Food and tobacco were sold 0.9% lower than a year earlier, while sales of non-food goods jumped 4%. Slovenia showed the maximum growth in sales for the year, where the figure increased by 44.1%. At the same time, the minimum annual sales growth rates were noted in Ireland, its sales for the year fell by 3.2%.


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