Diageo half-year profit increased by 25%

The British company Diageo, which is dedicated to the production of premium alcoholic beverages, completed the first half of the fiscal year by the end of December with a net profit of 1.97 billion pounds. Relative to the same index of the previous fiscal year, its amount increased by 25%. In the reporting term, revenues of 7.96 billion pounds were recorded. For the year, it rose by 16%, surpassing economists’ estimate of 7.73 billion pounds. In natural terms, the indicator increased by 20%. Annual revenue growth was recorded in all major markets. For example, in European countries, the figure increased by 27%. Its growth in Latin America was 45%. Dividend payouts rose 5% to 29.36 pence per share. According to Diageo’s estimates, over the next 2023-2025, revenue in natural terms will grow by 5-7% annually, and the average annual increase in operating profit will be in the range of 6% to 9%. In twelve months, Diageo’s market value rose by 24.6%.


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