EasyJet halved its loss in the first financial quarter

The UK Low-cost company EasyJet reported the results of the first fiscal quarter of December that its pre-tax loss had halved compared to the identical term previous year – to 213 million pounds. The company’s reporting notes a decrease in the number of booking seats on its flights amid an increase in the number of people infected with the recent strain of COVID-19 “omicron”. At the same time, the annual increase showed proceeds of 805 million pounds, an increase of 4.9 times. Passenger air travel generated £547m in revenue, up from £118m in the similar term the past year. In the indicated months, 11.9 million people used the air carrier amenities, which significantly exceeded their number in October-December a year earlier at 2.9 million. The flight load of 77% fell short of the outlook index, which exceeded 80%. The main reason for the decline was the coronavirus outbreak in December.


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