The investor confidence index in Germany rose in February

Investor confidence in the German economy continued to improve in February. It was indicated by the corresponding index calculated by the ZEW Institute. Its value this month was 54.3 points, while in the previous month the index was fixed at 51.7%. However, economists expected a higher February value of the index – at the level of 55 points. The indicator, which determines the assessment by investors of the current economic situation in the country, showed an increase to minus 8.1 points from the January value of minus 10.2 points. The economists’ prognosis assumed this indicator at the level of minus 6 points. The institute’s report notes that the expected easing of restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus outbreak will further improve national business sentiment. The index of economic sentiment calculated for the eurozone in February amounted to 48.6 points, having decreased from the January value of 49.4 points.


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