Enefit Green signed a contract with Vestas for 20 million euros

Estonian renewable energy company Enefit Green has signed a contract with Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas to supply turbines for a wind farm under construction in Estonia. The amount of the contract was 20 million euros. In total, the Danish company will install 5 wind turbines, each with a capacity of 4.2 MW. It is planned that they will produce approximately 46 GWh per year. Vestas has also taken care of the post-installation maintenance of the wind pipes, which is scheduled for early 2023. The wind park, which will be located in Purtse in northern Estonia, will be the first such large facility in the country in recent years. Thanks to favorable weather conditions, which are especially suitable for the construction of power plants, their active building has begun in this region. According to Enefit Green, by 2025 the company intends to increase generating capacity by 2.3 times – up to 1.1 GW


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