Eni’s net profit in 2021 exceeded 6 billion euros

The Italian company Eni occupies one of the leading positions among the major energy companies in the world. It reported on the end of 2021 with net profit, which reached 6.1 billion euros or 1 euro 69 cents per share. In 2020, there was a net loss of 8.6 billion euros or 2 euros 42 cents per share. Eni’s annual revenue reached 77.8 billion euros, which is 1.7 times bigger than the previous year. The Italian company also reported financial results for the 4th quarter. It was completed with a net profit of 3.8 billion euros or 1 euro 6 cents per share. A year earlier, there was a net loss of 0.9 billion euros, or 20 cents per share. Eni’s quarterly revenue jumped 2.3 times year on year. It amounted to 27.1 billion euros. The volume of hydrocarbon production increased in the 4th quarter by 1% to 1 million 737 thousand barrels of oil equivalent per day. In general, for the year it decreased by 3% to 1 million 682 thousand barrels of oil equivalent per day.


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