In March, business confidence in the German economy fell

Business confidence in the German economy has plummeted this month, according to a study by the Ifo Institute. This was indicated by the corresponding index, amounting to 90.8 points this month against the February value of 98.5 points. The fall in the index was stronger than the decline expected by economists to 94.2 points. Survey participants worsened their expectations for the upcoming half-year period, as evidenced by the indicator reflecting them, which fell by 13.3 points, amounting to 85.1 points in March. The indicator characterizing the attitude of entrepreneurs towards the current economic situation has also worsened. This month it was 97 points, down from the February level of 98.6 points. The pessimism of German business manifested itself in all sectors of the German economy. The retail confidence index showed a particularly strong drop.


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