EU car sales could grow by 7.9% in 2022

According to the estimates of the European Association of Automobile Manufacturers, under the results of the current year, car sales in the European Union are expected to grow by 7.9% – up to 10.5 million. This will be possible due to the enhancement of the situation with the semiconductor supply. Last year, their deficit led to a decline in such sales to 9.7 million vehicles from 9.94 million vehicles a year earlier. In 2022, this figure could be about 20% lower than sales in 2019, when the spread of the coronavirus had not yet launched. One of the main leadership goals of the EU countries, experts say, should be to expand the production of chips to reduce dependence on supplies from abroad. The association’s report notes the growing demand for electric vehicles. According to experts, every 5th car sold in the EU runs on electric traction. Due to the rapid growth of their sales, it is necessary to actively expand the network of charging points. It is noted that over the past five-year period, the growth in sales of electric vehicles was four times greater than the number of charging stations.


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