The EU is developing a plan in case of interruptions in gas supplies from RF

The European Union is developing a plan to deal with possible disruptions in gas supplies from Russia amid its full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The representative of the European Commission, Kadri Simson, said that the recent increase in gas supplies to the EU and encouraging forecasts from meteorologists give reason to believe that the EU will be able to end the winter heating season safely. Thus, the energy system of the region is completely safe. Gas storages at the beginning of March are almost 30% full. However, there are risks in relation to further gas supplies to the EU – Russia can be expected to respond to the sanctions imposed against it. If Russian supplies are completely cut off, then there could be a significant shortage. However, the EU has already developed appropriate measures to address this problem. Thanks to their implementation, the supply of liquefied natural gas is increasing. According to the EC estimates, in April the level of gas reserves may drop to 18%.


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