European stocks fell by almost 2%

The European stock exchange statistics indicate the drop of the major indices. As of 11 hours 22 minutes Moscow time, the FTSE 100 dropped to 7126.5 points or almost 2%. CAC 40 fell to 6766.22 points or 2.3%. The German DAX index became the ruler in terms of the decline rate. It dropped to 15128.62 points or 2.6%. A damaging aspect for stock indices was the decline in oil prices amid increased worry of a slowdown in international economic increment due to the spread of the omicron. Both brands of oil have already loose in price by more than 3%. European oil stocks are falling. Thus, the paper of BP fell 3% in morning trading on Monday. Shares in TotalEnergies and Eni fell 1.83% and 3.2%, respectively. According to analysts, this week, energy stocks will be under stress amid falling oil prices. The FTSE 100 index will also show damaging vitality.


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