European indices are declining after the release of macro statistics

On the stock exchanges in Europe, there is a fall in the indices. As of 12:44 pm Moscow time, the FTSE 100 fell to 7418.7 points or 0.54%. CAC 40 fell to 6526.53 points or 1.99%. DAX dropped to 14144.47 points or 2.19%. Investors appreciated the data on business activity in the eurozone. In February, the corresponding index was 58.2 points, which is 0.5 points lower than the January PMI. The indicator turned out to be worse than the forecast. Analysts assumed that the February index of business activity would be at the level of 58.4 points. Participants in European stock markets also continue to monitor the development of the situation around Ukraine. The beginning of the military operation of the Russian Federation led to the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions. Experts note that the negative consequences of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia will worsen the state of the global economy. Previously, it successfully recovered from the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. In the current situation, investors’ appetite for risk will be limited.


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