Major indices on European stock exchanges are growing

Stock indices on European stock exchanges are growing gratitude to strong corporate reports. By 11:52 am Moscow time, CAC 40 and DAX rose by 0.03% and 0.2% to 7133.12 and 15514.1 points accordingly. The FTSE 100 index rose to 7646.1 points or 0.03%. Investors appreciate reports published by major European companies. Shares of Societe Generale rose 4.8%. Papers of Siemens and ArcelorMittal rose in price by 6.07% and 0.72%. Now the markets are expecting the publication of inflation dynamic data in the United States. It can affect the climate of investment. Most of the analysts who took part in the review said that the pace of growth in US consumer prices speeded up in January by 0.3 percentage points compared to December inflation to 7.3%. Experts mark that the inflation statistics in the US could be a turning point for the marketplace. The American authorities have not yet been able to deal with this problem. The Fed intends to tighten its policy to stop the rapid rise in prices.


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