The business activity index in the Eurozone fell in January to 52.3 points

PMI, which assesses business activity in the industrial sector and the service sector of the euro area, in January was below the projection. It amounted to 52.3 points, which is 1 point lower than the December value was. Analysts had expected the rank to fall to 52.4 points. PMI, calculated for the infrastructure branch of the Eurozone, decreased in January by 2 points to 51.1 points, while the index was expected to decline to 51.2 points. Market Economics, which conducted the study, also provided data on business activity in the region’s two largest economies. Thus, the composite index characterizing business activity in Germany rose by 3.9 points in January compared to December. It amounted to 53.8 points. Analysts polled expected an even more significant increase in the index – up to 54.3 points. The German service sector also saw increased inactivity. PMI, calculated for this sector of the country’s economy, rose in January to 52.2 points. A month earlier, it was at the level of 48.7 points. In France, there was a decrease in the composite index of business activity by 3.1 points to 52.7 points. In French services, the index fell 3.9 points to 53.1 points.


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