Eurozone inflation reached 4.9% in November

The report, published by the Eurostat statistical office demonstrates that inflation continues to rise in the Eurozone. In November this year, it reached 4.9% in annual terms, significantly surpassing the October value of 4.1% and marking the highest grade since July 1991. The inflation rate recorded by Eurostat, last month confirmed the prognosis of experts. Compared to October, consumer expense showed an increase of 0.4%. Foodstuffs, tobacco, and alcoholic beverages rose by 2.2%, accelerating the rise in prices relative to their October increase by 1.9%. Energy has become 27.5% more overpriced. The growth of its value also intensified upon the increase by 23.7% a month earlier. The cost of services increased by 2.7%. The inflation rate, which does not take into account the rate of energy, food, and alcoholic beverages, reached the level of 2.6%, which is higher than the October worth of 2%. According to data from the European Union, here annual inflation increased previous month to 5.2% from 4.4% in the past month. In November, cost increased by 0.5%.


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