Unemployment in the Eurozone fell to 7% in December

The European statistical office Eurostat reported a December decrease in unemployment in the Eurozone to 7%, which is the lowest level since March 2020. A month earlier, it was fixed at 7.1%. The forecast of economists assumed its decline to 7.1% from the originally announced level of 7.2%. The registered unemployed total number in December amounted to 11.481 million, which is 185 thousand less than in November. In annual terms, the indicator decreased by 1.828 million people. The number of unemployed youth was noted at 2.222 million, which corresponds to an unemployment rate of 14.9%. Eurostat also reported that unemployment in the European Union was recorded at 6.4%, which is lower than November’s value of 6.5%. The total number of unemployed was 13.612 million, which is 210 thousand less than the previous month and 2.196 million less than in the same month of the previous year. Unemployed youth amounted to 2.748 million people. The unemployment rate in this category of the population fell to 14.9% from 15.3% a month earlier.


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