Nikkei declines amid falling shares of SoftBank

The sudden drop of the Japanese holding company SoftBank Group securities negatively affected the Nikkei stock index, dropping it by 0.36% – to 27,927.37 points. In the course of the trading session, it was noted even more significant fall – by 1.19%, before that. The index slight recovery was due to the optimistic sentiment of investors regarding the possible less significant than expected impact on the global economy of the new strain of coronavirus. The Topix index showed the same results as 0.53% drop on Monday, declining 0.53% to 1947.54 points. The market was reassured by the information about the number of omicron dead cases stable to not grow in the world, and investors have resumed buying shares. In addition, the growth of US futures during trading in Asia was accepted as another positive factor. At the same time, securities of the Japanese company SoftBank lost 8.2% of their value. This was due to the fact, that investors are concerned about the likely valuation decline of the portfolios of SoftBank, previously invested heavily by her and Vision Fond belongs to her too. The Nikkei was supported by the growth of shares of some other technology companies, such as Fanuc and KDDI.


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