FCA suspended the listing of Evraz shares on the LSEG

From today on the London Stock Exchange, the listing of global depositary receipts of the mining and metallurgical company Evraz, which has assets in the Russian Federation, was suspended by the UK financial regulator FCA. The message of the UK regulator indicates that this step was taken in order to protect investors in connection with the sanctions imposed by the country against Roman Abramovich, one of the shareholders of Evraz. He owns 28.64% of the company’s shares. Evraz is one of the world leaders in terms of steel output and has production assets not only in the Russian Federation, but also in the USA and Canada. Last year, the mining and metallurgical company produced 13.57 million tons of steel. For twelve months, its volume decreased by 0.4%. The UK has imposed sanctions on a number of Russian businessmen, including Abramovich, in connection with the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation, which has not stopped hostilities in the country for more than two weeks.


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